Hub for Electronic Handles

Hub for Electronic Handles

Hub for connecting two handles onto a single rack door unit (RDU); allows splitting output in twoto control two CONTEG handles on a single rack.

Fitted with three RJ-45 ports (1 input and 2 outputs).Using the hub on an RDU makes it impossible to differentiate the individual handles in thesystem since they are both displayed as one handle. If any of the handles is opened or unlockedwith a key, the system will display the status for both handles.

Using the hub for RDUs allowsconnecting up to 100 racks (200 handles) through a single control and monitoring unit. The hub cannot be used for electromagnetic locks.


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  • Hub with 3 RJ-45 ports (1 IN and 2 OUT)
  • Red LAN cable: 0.25 m long
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  • Datasheet RAMOS ACS - Access Control System (PDF - 2.66MB)
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