outTEG LITE Pole Mount Cabinets

outTEG LITE Pole Mount Cabinets

outTEG Light free-standing outdoor cabinets represent a suitable solution for projects with high requirements on stable in-rack climate. They are specifically designed for mounting onto a column.

Double-walled case design safeguards the installed components from all-weather as well as from vandalism thanks to the cabinet's compact structure which prevents removal of individual components from the outside. 

For demanding climatic conditions, the side panel variants can be modified to allow the installation of fans or air-conditioning units.

Resistance to weather is ensured mainly by the AlMg3 alloy used for the cabinet case and the applied finish of polyester powder coating with UV protection. Additional protection is provided by the stainless frame.



  • Compact and light double-walled design
  • Highest protection against corrosion
  • Features an integrated roof
  • Made of aluminum
  • Polyester powder coat with UV protection
  • PUR non-porous gasket – suitable for extreme temperatures
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  • OMR-DL-080605-main-WEB.jpgOMR-DL-080605-opened-back-WEB.jpgOMR-DL-080605-opened-WEB.jpgOMR-DL-080605-plus-ID-W-MP6-WEB.jpgOUTEGLITE---600x600x500-BOX-sestava-proudeni-multi.jpgOUTEGLITE---600x600x500-BOX-sestava-proudeni-peltier-multi.jpg

Material • Aluminum AlMg3

Surface • Polyester epoxy coat

Color • RAL 7035 for outdoor use • Optionally RAL 7046 for roof

IP Rating • IP65 (degree of protection can be reduced after mounting some accessories)

Mechanical protection • IK10 according to IEC 6226



  • Double-walled outdoor cabinets, fully mounted
  • Assembled with a perforated roof
  • Natural ventilation between inner and outer walls
  • Front door with two handles, key combination 333, door stop. Easily configured to a right or left hand door mounting
  • Perforated internal horizontal rails on side panels
  • Door stop



Outdoor Enclosure H(mm) 500 600 600 800 800
H(U) - 12 12 17 17
W (mm) 400 600 600 600 600
D (mm) 400 500 600 500 600
Material thickness Body 2 2 2 2 2
Roof 2 2 2 2 2
Door 2 2 2 2 2
Weight (kg) 22,5 34 36,5 43,5 46,5
Order Code OMR-DL-050404 OMR-DL060605 OMR-DL-060606 OMR-DL-080605 OMR-DL080606
Mounting plate 1 pc ID-W-SP5040 ID-W-SP6060 ID-W-SP6060 ID-W-SP8060 ID-W-SP-8060
19" extrusions 1 pair - ID-WU12 ID-W-U12 ID-W-U17 ID-W-U17
Vertical rails 1 pair ID-W-H5 ID-W-H6 ID-W-SP6060 ID-WH8 ID-W-H8
Plinth 100 mm Front and rear parts 1 set ID-F-SPF04 ID-F-SPF06 - - -
Side parts 1 set ID-F-SPS04 ID-F-SPS05 - - -
Brackets for pole mounting 1 set* ID-W-MP4 ID-W-MP6 ID-W-MP6 ID-W-MP6 ID-W-MP6
Brackets for wall mounting 1 set* ID-W-WB ID-W-WB ID-W-WB ID-W-WB ID-W-WB

* For correct installation we recommend using 2 sets

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