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Compact Data Centers

The Modular Closed Loop (MCL) is a specific, scalable non-IT infrastructure solution suitable for both smaller server rooms and large data centers that require zones with different operating parameters (temperature or heat load).



Suitable for:

  • Small and medium server rooms with heat loads of up to 35 kW per rack
  • Data centers with zones requiring individualized operating parameters
  • 42U to 48U—racks 600 mm or 800 mm wide—1,200 mm deep


  • Easily scalable
  • Does not require a raised floor
  • Rack load capacity—1,500 kg
  • Ability to monitor the status of the environment inside the rack


What does a compact unit consist of?

The MCL is a compact unit, completely insulated from the surrounding environment. It consists of Premium Server racks and CoolTeg Plus in-row cooling units. The front and rear doors of the racks are glass or full-metal and create an enclosed space for air circulation between the servers and the cooling unit.

The MCL is fully compatible with CoolTeg Plus CW (chilled water), DX (direct expansion), and XC (direct expansion with integrated compressor) cooling units. Any number of racks and cooling units can be combined in a single module. Our experts will design a solution to ensure maximum space capacity based on your requirements along with appropriate cooling performance including necessary redundancies.

The MCL system can be complemented with a number of safety features such as access control and monitoring system RAMOS, emergency opening system EOS, extinguishing system LESRACK, and more.






Technical specification

The module can consist of a virtually unlimited number of RSF racks and CoolTeg cooling units. We recommend 6 racks (252 - 288U) as a limit where the standard data center layout should be applied. The number of cooling units depends on the expected heat load, designed cooling capacity, and redundancy level. We always recommend consultation with our technicians.

All cooling unit versions - chilled water (CW) as well as direct expansion (DX and XC) - are available. Their cooling capacity mainly depends on the air and coolant temperatures. Chilled water units can reach up to 36kW of cooling capacity. Cooling units are connected to the coolant piping through the bottom frame or from the top. The dimensions of every cooling unit are - 300 mm width (XC unit – 400mm), 1200mm depth, 42, 45, or 48U height.

The modular architecture is pre-designed for 1200 mm deep, 600 or 800 mm wide, and 42, 45, or 48U high RSF racks. All racks are delivered fully assembled with the necessary passive airflow management, grommets, and separation frames installed. The Modular Closed Loop can be configured according to the needs of any individual customer, and equipped with an emergency door opening system, fire-fighting system, monitoring devices etc. Each component is checked by our Quality Control Department before delivery.



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