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Contained Cold Aisle

CONTEG Contained Cold Aisle (CCA) solution, this containment system is used to physically separate cooled air from hot exhaust.

One of the potential drawbacks with the open Hot/Cold aisle arrangement is the risk of hot air recirculation and hot spots. With Conteg Contained Cold Aisle (CCA) solution, the containment system is used to physically separate cooled air from the hot exhaust by forming a cold plenum space and preventing mixing of hot and cold air, thereby eliminating hot-spots. The cold air is supplied into the contained aisle through perforated tiles from the raised floor or produced locally by CoolTEG units which are installed directly in the row of cabinets as an integral part of the aisle. The standard width of the CCA is 1.2 m (two perforated tiles) or 1.8 m (three perforated tiles) and the containment can be deployed with standard swing doors or dual leaf sliding doors. Using the Contained Cold Aisle is highly recommended to maximize cooling efficiency and minimize the energy consumption of the entire Data Center.

The Modular Contained Aisle system is the ideal solution when rows of racks with different heights or even gaps (when some racks are missing) are required to be contained. The system is based on self-supporting construction with clear polycarbonate panels on the top of the roof. Vertical side sections of the roof feature PVC foil strips. These strips can be easily cut to the required length. The Modular Contained Aisle can work with standard double-wing doors (see above) or with PVC foil strips instead of standard doors. The solution is ready for 2 300 and 2 500 mm. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Recommended Contained Cold Aisle Configuration


Parameter Value
Width The Contained Cold Aisle is 1.2 m (two-floor tiles) or 1.8 m (three-floor tiles)
Height The Contained Cold Aisle is standard as for Conteg racks – 42, 45 or 48U
Roof The modular roof sections are bolted onto the top of the racks to prevent the mixing of cooled air and warm exhaust. The roof parts are 400, 600, 800, 900, and 1 100 mm long. The roof panels are made of 6mm clear polycarbonate to enable light spill to the contained aisle. This material is non-flammable according to the local codes. Our solution supports the installation of an extinguishing system to the aisle.
Side panels With glass view-through
Door sections Aisle entry is through one or two doors, 1200mm (or 1800mm) width, 2246mm high. The door is a very important component of this contained aisle solution. There are two solutions – a sliding or double-wing door. Both types consist of two doors (wings). A standard sliding door consists of a Mechanical opening system (each door wing is independent) and can be equipped with a Dual  Synchro system (both door wings moving simultaneously) or with an Automatic system with electric control. As standard, the double wing door is mechanical and can be equipped with an Automatic Door Handle system. A blank panel could be used instead of a door to close one side of the contained aisle.
Recommended cooling systems for Contained Cold Aisle It is possible to use a central air cooling system or decentralized CoolTeg units. We can arrange both solutions for you using our own products or products of our specialized partners. Do not hesitate to contact us – we are ready to assist you with the current project


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