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Cooling Above Racks

Placed directly on top of the IT racks, this unique cooling system offers datacenter owners maximum area usage. CoolTop units don’t occupy any floor space so the data center can use this free area for IT equipment, resulting in higher profitability.

The system is suitable either for the contained hot or cold aisle. Separating hot and cold zones prevents the mixture of air, increasing cooling efficiency. It also enables fan-speed control, based on pressure difference, which extends server lifetime while reducing power consumption.

Hot air sucked from an upper part of the server room is cooled and transferred to the cold zone directly in front of the racks. This system doesn’t require a raised floor. Airflow doesn’t have to overcome obstacles or long distances. Units working in one group can react to local IT requirements. The unique design principle, quality of components, and special control algorithm help maintain extremely low power consumption. The cooling units can be connected to any chilled water system (especially with free cooling).

Particular emphasis was placed on both safety and protection against water leakage. The unit was designed to be installed either on top of the IT rack or suspended from the ceiling above. A 2400 mm length corresponds to either 3 x 800 mm or 4 x 600 mm wide racks.


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