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Local Extinguishing System LES-RACK

The LES-RACK is a self-contained, fully automatic detection and fire protection system into 19” racks with IP30 or higher.

LES-RACK is a self-contained, fully automatic fire detection and protection system. Designed for direct installation into 19” racks with IP30 or higher, offering an effective solution for servers, telecommunication, and control racks/cabinets.  The LES-RACK-M1 unit comes with a fully equipped fire detection, control, evaluation, communication, and extinguishing system. Larger-sized server racks and adjacent cabinets can be protected with additional auxiliary LES-RACK-M1.  

LES-RACK employs clean gas, flooding the protected space until the fire is completely extinguished. The unit is comprised of metal cylinders filled with agent FK-5-1-12 in accordance with TUPO (the Technical Institute of Fire Protection, Authorization Body 221). The pressureless construction solution also enables air transport. After activation, the device can be refilled with an extinguishing agent directly at the installation site.  The ideal fire protection solution for compact units, completely insulated from the surrounding environment inside data centers or server rooms. Read more about Compact Data Centers—a scalable non-IT infrastructure solution. 


  • Immediate fire detection and extinguishing
  • Does not damage extinguished equipment
  • Fully automatic
  • Easy installation with guide rails
  • Possibility of fire extinguisher refill at the installation site
  • Displaying device status and parameter settings via remote HTML access 
  • Possibility of connection with the building fire system communication





Parametr Value
Unit width 483 mm / 19"
Unit height 45 mm / 1U
Unit base depth 495 mm
The total depth of detection extension, according to depth of protected equipment Max. 860 mm
System weight without extinguishing agent 11 kg
Weight of extinguishing agent—FK-5-1-12 2 kg
Classification of environmental conditions (according to EN 60 721‑3‑3) 3 k5
Environment class  A
Operating temperature range +5 °C to +40 °C
Relative air humidity 90% non‑condensing
Atmospheric pressure 70 to 106 kPa
Operating position Horizontal
Operation Permanent 
Electrical input power max. 200 VA
Protection rating IP30
Supply voltage of the main source 110-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Detectors placed inside the cabinet can immediately detect a fire in the initial stage

Extinguishing fire immediately after detection.

The extinguishing process does not cause any damage to the equipment

Easy installation—simply plug into the main switchboard.

It is recommended for racks with IP30 or higher.

Detectors and modular design allow for easy inspection and maintenance.

Detailed and easy-to-read LED panel

The built-in battery ensures operation even during a power outage



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