Locker room - bag2locker

Self-service locker room. The customer uses the mobile application to select a locker, makes a payment and determines the rental period.

Suitable for:  storage of luggage, personal items, wardrobe, etc.  

Intended for:   public areas, indoor and outdoors, schools, universities, dormitories, university cafeterias, canteens, sports and multifunctional areas, etc.,  24/7


The customer uses the mobile app to select a locker that is currently available. The customer makes a payment in the app and opens the locker. The customer can use the same app to repeatedly access the locker for the duration of its rental. The app shows the storage time, the expected end time of the rental and the price of the storage.

  • Operability 24/7
  • Remote monitoring and remote management
  • Unattended operation - saving time and money 
  • Functioning baggage reclaim even in the event of an Internet outage
  • High security - robust solution, durable material, under a camera surveillance system 
  • High system throughput – quick luggage storage/retrieval
  • Multilingual GUI – Czech, English, German, French, Spanish
  • Low power consumption
  • Convenient - no need to keep a key or have coins 
REFERENCE Luggage storage at Prague´s Main Train Station, Czech republic 


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   Dita Froncová, Sales Manager, tel. +420 724 323 438, e-mail: dita.froncova@conteg.cz

Parametr Hodnota

Individual modules are made of sheet metal 11321.21/ DX51D+Z180 MAE with a thickness of 1.25 mm for the shell and 1.5 mm for the door.

Standard surface finish: external powder coating – white RAL7035/black RAL 7016. For larger projects, the color of the module can be changed..

Lifetime of the electromagnetic lock: 500,000 openings

Load capacity of the shelf: 50 kg

For the outdoor version, protection against leakage (PUR seal)

Sheet-metal modules with the possibility to define the size of the box.

Powder coated finish with anti-graffiti treatment

A riveted frameless box design.

A modular system; modules can be freely connected in rows. The bottom supporting frame is used to connect the row


Reinforced structure – reinforcements in shelves and doors

Stabilization elements, ready to be anchored to the wall or ground

Electronic monitoring of unauthorized access to the box


Design (LED illuminated) sidewalls ready for the installation of a camera surveillance system

Leveling plinth in stainless steel to ensure levelness in case of an uneven surface

Two external IP cameras with night vision and local storage


Web application - serves to operate lockers 

Call Center – a web application for system management

Manager – a mobile application with an overview of sales and system load


free of charge or by credit card,  via mobile phone with installed application 


via a mobile application


75 cm


60 cm


210 cm

Power supply

230 V


Internet connection or available GSM signal 


Design, Transportation, Hardware and software installation, System setup and operator training, Warranty and post-warranty service, Call center

Operated by


Delivery time

6 weeks


24 months




File size: 254 kB



File size: 252 kB