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Contained Aisle System

Physically separates hot and cold zones, thus efficiently reducing operating costs and power requirements of the data center. Also prevents air mixing and eliminates hot spots.
Cool air is distributed to the cold zone by CoolTeg Plus in-row units or CoolTop above-rack units. Based on the arrangement, we differentiate between contained hot aisles (CHA) and contained cold aisles (CCA).
A contained aisle enables controlling the airflow based on pressure differences. It thus ensures supply of treated air exactly in the amount, the servers require, which has a positive effect on the operating costs and lifetime of the servers.
Aisles 900 to 1 800 mm wide are arranged either as two rows of free-standing racks or as a single row of racks facing a wall. In addition, they are fitted with roof panels and sliding doors which prevent any undesirable air circulation so that IT and cooling systems can operate with maximum efficiency, enabling the use of 100 % of the produced cold air.
The system can be complemented by a wide range of safety features such as an independent monitoring system RAMOS, a system of drop-down or openable ceilings, a hypoxic fire prevention system, and other safety measures.
The contained aisle system with the option for flexible expansion is suitable for any type of data center.

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