Test Lab | CONTEG

Test Lab

We have our own testing center for data centers where we develop and test new products and examine their impact on total energy consumption in data centers of various layouts. Computer simulations and real measurements in a lab allow us to verify the principles of various processes in server rooms and put modern solutions into practice.

Experimental Data Center

Designed as a real data center with a double floor and lowered suspended ceiling. The layout of the experimental room can imitate real situations, with enclosures mounted individually, in rows and closed aisles as well as in closed loops.

Our testing lab can be at your disposal as well. You can use it to test any components, their suitable use and critical states that cannot be simulated in real operation. We also offer top-quality hand-held gages and radio systems for testing in real data centers. These can be used for the purposes of audits as well as to collect data to further develop individual projects and push the branch as a whole forward

Laboratory Equipment

Cooling System

During the process of development of our cooling systems we always emphasize quality so that we supply our customers with first-class products, services, and solutions. We use only the most modern technologies and the highest quality components. We manufacture everything in the Czech Republic under the supervision of experienced engineers to maintain a world-class quality standard.

Sources of Heat

The laboratory is equipped with 20 heat sources, which can be installed in 19" racks. Each source has a continuous control of airflow and regulation of the heating power of 200 W up to a total power of 6 kW.

Measuring Instruments

A system of sensors for long-term monitoring of quantities in the laboratory transmits information to a measuring central unit. The data is then processed and archived by specially designed laboratory software that allows the evaluation of data from individual experiments, visualization, and presentation of results. An Independent measuring system is a system of measuring central unit and wireless temperature and humidity sensors that can be used both in the laboratory and in a real data center for verification of laboratory measurements in practice. Separate calibrated measuring instruments for accurate verification of all local variables (sound meter, thermal imagers, anemometers, thermometers, hygrometers, CO2 sensor, pressure gauges, wattmeter, ammeter, oscilloscope, tachometer, etc.)


Some examples of what can be measured:

  • humidity
  • temperature (water, air, and surface of all equipment and racks)
  • air flow and water flow
  • speed of air flow and water flow
  • pressure differences in individual parts of experimental arrangements
  • CO2 concentration
  • electrical parameters (voltage, current, power consumption)
  • noise parameters
  • fan speed