Accessories for SOHO Mini REH 10"—IT and Telco | CONTEG

SOHO Mini REH 10"

Additional accessories for the REH series' SOHO rack with 10" vertical extrusions. Patch panels, shelves, blank panels, vented panels, wire management panels with plastic brackets and fiber-optic splice boxes can all be used with the SOHO.

Patch Panels for SOHO Mini REH

3 type of patch panels.


10" SOHO Accessories

The REH SOHO racks are the only Conteg racks with 10" vertical extrusion spacing.


Blank Panel

An accessory for SOHO Mini REH 10"—blank panel.


Wire Management Panels with Plastic Brackets

10" wire management panels with plastic brackets for SOHO Mini REH


10" Fiber-Optic Splice Box

For use with modular front panel (ORS-08ST, ORS-08SC, ORS-04DSC, ORS-08FC, ORS-04FCD).