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Outdoor Cabinets

With a tight mechanical design, a clear line and a vent system, outTEG satisfies the requirements of customers in both high temperature locations and in regions with extremely low temperatures. The 25 mm rack frame perforation along with internal accessories creates a highly flexible cabinet. Using our fans, cooling units, heat exchangers and heating units will allow for a favorable climate and stable temperatures inside the cabinet.


The outdoor double-walled cabinet outTEG OMR provides better thermal regulation of installed components through the natural air flow between the walls.


outTEG OMR LITE Pole Mount Cabinets

Outdoor cabinets outTEG OMR LITE with compact and light double-walled design enable both pole or wall installation.


WME-O—Stainless Steel with UV-resistant coating

An ideal solution for outdoor applications is stainless-steel enclosure with outdoor powder-coating and rain canopy.


FSM-O—Compact, Stainless Steel

FSM-O free-standing compact outdoor enclosures are made of stainless steel.