Enclosures—Industry Applications | CONTEG


Our compact WME enclosures have a smooth design thanks to the latest laser-welding technology. Their body provides high rigidity and is compatible with many applications in the industrial, electrical engineering and automation fields. Each of the enclosure's 54 dimensions are made with either plain or glazed doors. The range includes powder-coated stainless steel enclosures as well as stainless steel enclosures for applications that need more protection from the environment. The internal equipment can be installed quickly without the need of additional accessories.
Free-standing sheet steel and stainless steel enclosures for indoor and outdoor use will withstand even in the most demanding industrial facilities. The enclosures can be used without any additional plinth thanks to the design of the lower frame; this solution thus saves space for indoor installations.

WME—Sheet Steel

Sheet-steel cabinet with epoxipolyester powder coating in RAL 7035 is the standard. We offer single-door and double-door enclosures.


WME-G—Glazed Door

All dimensions of sheet-steel enclosures (WME) are also produced with glazed doors—WME-G.


WME-X—Stainless Steel

Suitable for applications with higher demands on resistance to surrounding environment. Offers high rigidity of not just the back panel but the entire cabinet.


WME-O—Stainless Steel with UV-resistant coating

An ideal solution for outdoor applications is stainless-steel enclosure with outdoor powder-coating and rain canopy.


FSE—Assemble Into a Row

Sheet steel free-standing enclosures in single-door and double-door designs with load capacity up to 1 500 kg. Possible to assemble into a row.


FSM—Compact, Sheet Steel

Sheet steel free-standing enclosure with side panels integrated in the frame with 700 kg of load-bearing capacity.


FSM-O—Compact, Stainless Steel

FSM-O free-standing compact outdoor enclosures are made of stainless steel.