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Monitoring & Security

We offer several management and control systems. These systems include, for example, a Data Center Infrastructure Management system AEGIS-DCIM, which collects, analyzes and reports information about the operation of a data center in real time, and RAMOS Environmental Monitoring system, which monitors the internal and external environment. To monitor access to the rack, we offer an access control systems. For fire detection and protection, we offer the system LES-RACK.

Smart Terminal Display

Touch screen monitor with built-in computer for remote access to CONTEG Pro Server (CPS) and other applications, or for use as a web kiosk.

connecting up to 500 sensors

Ramos Ultra

These monitoring devices with expanders allow you to connect up to 500 intelligent sensors. RAMOS Ultra also supports direct connection to GSM Modem, Modbus and many other standard Serial Communications Protocols.

1U height, monitor up to 150 sensors

RAMOS Optimax

Monitoring device suitable for multiple racks or server rooms with a height of 1U can monitor up to 150 sensors. Also available in GSM variant.


Ramos Plus

RAMOS Plus is the smallest model from the RAMOS range of intelligent monitoring devices.


Ramos Micro

RAMOS Micro is a simple small solution for monitoring the environment.



The main control and monitoring unit of the access control system RAMOS ACS.


Self-Contained Electronic Locking System

Standalone solution of Access Control System designed for single racks or cabinets.


Local Extinguishing System LES-RACK

The LES-RACK is a self-contained, fully automatic detection and fire protection system into 19” racks with IP30 or higher.


Hypoxic Air Fire Preventive System

The unique solution for fire preventions and suppression- no water, no foam, no chemical extinguishing agents. The system is designed so that a fire in the data center is not created at all.


KVM/LCD Switch

The KVM/LCD solutions offer a spatially efficient design (integration in 1U) and allow for easy configuration and management of individual servers and their cascades.


CONTEG Pro Server Management Software

Software application for central management, oversight over the monitored environment and access using RAMOS hardware.



CONTEG's Aegis Data Center Infrastructure Management system collects, analyzes, reports and manages infrastructure equipment in real-time using standardized data communication protocols.