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Airflow Deflector

Airflow passive control elements help to optimize cooling efficiency by minimizing bypass airflow. Between the columns and the extrusions within the rack.

The airflow deflector is located in the bottom part of the rack and is used to leads the cold air from the raised floor space directly to the cold zone in the front part of the rack. Deflectors are designed ‑ for RSF/RDF and ROF racks. The ROF version is designed for 600 or 800mm wide racks and can be installed into all ROF family racks of and depth – from 600 to 1 200mm.  Deflector helps control air-flow rates or shuts the air supply off if no equipment is fitted into the rack. The RDF/RSF version does not take up 19" space and can be installed in lieu of the front part of the rack's bottom cover.


The flexible deflector for Side-To-Side airflow network chassis can be used for any brand of network chassis where side-to-side airflow is required. It is suitable for all types of IT racks with a width of 800 mm and A-type extrusions. The deflector is designed for chassis heights of 5 to 25U and depths in the range of 450 to 710mm. 3U space above and below the chassis is required for proper airflow. The wedge-shaped deflector located on the exhaust edge of the chassis ensures that the airflow is divided into two directions, up and down. The deflector can be easily adjusted to the size of the chassis during the on-site installation. It is compatible with A-type extrusions and a separation frame.


Parameter Value
Package includes

DP-AFD-ROF-80/XXX/15: × deflector, 1× cable gasket, 4× nuts, 4× washers

DP-AFD-VF-XX: 1× louver, 4× DP-MO-01 - DP-AFD-RSF-XX/15: 1× deflector, 4× nuts, 4× washer



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