Combines the advantages of CW and XC systems—thus reaches optimal minimum operating costs.

This CoolRAC unit represents a family of precision cooling units specifically designed for easy integration into new and renovated data centers. These cooling units—with different cooling principles, sizes and outputs—are still the most widely used system for efficient targeted cooling from smaller server rooms to large data centers.

CoolRAC DF room cooling units combine the advantages of CW and XC systems—free-cooling for low and medium outdoor temperatures and direct expansion cooling for use during high outdoor temperatures. The system thus reaches optimal minimum operating costs without the need to compromise.


  • Free‑cooling for the majority of the year—the unit has the most efficient heat exchanger in its category.
  • Smart control system uses free‑cooling to pre-cool the air even during high outdoor temperatures—energy consumption thus remains minimal.
  • Investment in the unit returns within a few years thanks to savings on operating costs (compared to DX or XC systems).
  • Since the main heat carrier is water, waste heat can be reused for heating or other purposes to further reduce costs.
  • The water circuit and compressor circuit can be connected to two separate water sources—the unit can thus be fully redundant.

The DF hybrid unit runs up to 60 % of the year in Free-Cooling mode, 26 % of the year in Hybrid mode and only 14 % of the year in Compressor mode.


  • 2-in-1—small and efficient cooling unit that smartly combines water-based and direct expansion-based cooling.
  • Electronically controlled expansion valve—maximum cooling efficiency for any conditions
  • Inverter-driven compressor—minimum energy consumption for all cooling capacities.
  • Fans with EC technology enable efficient and smooth control of air flow rate.
  • Smart control system ensures the set air parameters are reached precisely and with minimum consumption; immediately informs you of any issues.
  • Operating range from −40 to +40 °C (upper temperature limit depends on the size of the outdoor heat exchanger). On request, can be supplied with accessories that allow operating the unit at as low as −55 °C.
  • R410A refrigerant


  • Open aisle
  • Contained cold/hot aisle
  • Data center of any size

Below you can see examples of variable air outlet fan module installation options:

  • Above the double floor
  • Into the double floor
  • With installation of the fan module inside the double floor

CoolRAC units can be equipped with a large number of additional accessories. They can also be fitted with one or two powerful radial EC fans to increase redundancy.



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