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Side Cable Perforated Panels

Side perforated fastening panels are used for vertical cable routing in free-standing racks in the space between the front and rear 19" extrusions and the side panel.

Panels DP-VV are used to guide and support vertical cables in free-standing racks between 19" extrusions and side panels. The way of attachment differs—please, read the information in the available downloads.

  • Application in free-standing racks 15–48U high
  • Available widths—150 mm and 300 mm
  • Installation either directly in top and bottom frame of the rack (PREMIUM racks only) or on holders of vertical extrusions (all free-standing rack series)
  • Installation kit is included in delivery


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Product Catalog—Data and Telecommunication Solutions and Racks

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Brochure—Solutions for Server Rooms and Cabling Installations

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