Accessories for PDUs—IT a Telco | CONTEG


Accessories for Basic, Monitored, and Managed power distribution units. Such as inline meter, output, and input power cables, temperature and humidity sensor, etc.

Inline Meter

The 1-phase or 3-phase inline power meter with an illuminated display is designed for measuring parameters on the lead-in cable to basic PDUs and is easy to connect into existing circuits.


Temperature & Humidity Sensor

The sensor reads temperature and humidity inside the IT rack. It connects via a 2.5 m cable directly to a monitored or managed PDU.


Output Power Cables

Output power cables are used for transmitting electrical energy between the PDU and an IT device inside the IT rack.


Input Power Cables

1-phase 16 A monitored and managed PDUs are supplied without a lead-in cable.


Locking Inserts

Retention sleeves reduce the risk of accidental unplugging of the power cable.


Brackets for vertical installation of PDU

For vertical installation of a power distribution unit into IT rack, it is necessary to order the appropriate bracket for basic, monitored and managed PDUs, which is not included in the package.