Accessories for RAMOS ACS


The main control and monitoring unit of the access control system RAMOS ACS.

Rack Door Unit

Rack Door Unit for a daisy chain to the main control and monitoring unit via expansion ports.

Dual Contactless Multi-format Reader

The dual contactless multi-format reader can read card or chip key and is compatible with mobile phones equipped with NFC technology.

Keypad with Card Reader

Keypad with built-in card reader (EM format) for the RAMOS ACS access control system. 

USB Card Reader

The desktop dual card reader for PC is a handy peripheral for user card administration in the CONTEG Pro Server App.

Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint reader for access control and monotoring sytem RAMOS ACS.

Electronic Handle

Electronic handle for mounting directly onto a rack door.

Electronic Handle with Card Reader

Electronic handle with built in card reader for mounting directly onto a rack door.

Hub for Electronic Handles

Hub for connecting two electronic handle on a single access control RDU unit. 

Expander for Intelligent Port

The expander is used for expanding an intelligent port up to 8 dry contacts (input/output).

Magnetic Door Contact

Magnetic door contact is a security feature for door or side panel status monitoring.

Electromagnetic Lock - small

Electromagnetic door lock suitable for racks which cannot be fitted with a CONTEG electronic handle.

Electromagnetic Lock - large

Electromagnetic door lock (large and waterproof) suitable for mounting onto entrance doors.

Access Media’s

Identification Cards and Tags for RAMOS ACS access control system.

Rope Water Sensor

Rope water sensor protects water-sensitive devices stored insidea rack from potential damage, capable of short-term detection of accumulator acid.

Daisy-chain Temperature Sensor

Daisy-chain temperature sensor with a 1,5 m long cable. Up to 8 sensors can by connected in the daisy-chain to a single intelligent port.

Smoke Detector

Smoke detector is important for security and safety. 

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The encased temperature and humidity sensor is designed for placement into racks and measures temperature and humidity.

PIR Motion Detector

Motion detector with 60° detection angle and 3 m detection distance; used for securing rooms orbuildings and sending alerts.